How To Build Your Own Chicken Coop From Upcycled Materials

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Isn’t it always true, that when we try to start something, we always tend to believe first of all of the reasons why we should not do it? It doesn’t matter what it is – a company, an exercise program, a chicken coop – we’ll always find an excuse as to why it’s better not to do it at all than to start and see what happens.

And in hard economic times, the most common excuse that we usually have is that it is going to cost money. Not even lots of money, just cash. For chicken owners, this means putting aside that chicken coop expansion indefinitely or for those thinking to begin raising chickens to be discouraged because of the costs.

But, what if it’s possible to build your own chicken coop by spending alongside absolutely nothing? Using upcycled materials rather than purchasing brand new ones is a excellent way to build your own chicken coop without breaking the bank.

What are upcycled materials?

To properly explain upcycled materials, it’s ideal to explain it in the context of recycling. In recycling, you break down the materials to make something different. In upcycling, you retain the same material to make something different, more often, to something of greater worth. By way of instance, if you take your old shirt, then tear it to strips, and turn it into a fashionable scarf, that’s upcyling.

Concerning building your own chicken coop, upcycling can mean taking the slip from an old playhouse and turning it into a ramp for your chicken coop.

Where can I get materials to upcycle?

In your own home. A fast look around your basement or your loft can bring you almost half of what you need to construct your own chicken coop. So can old bedding, bed covers, and curtains, (2) scraps of plywood may be used to plug in holes in the structure later on in the building. This way you do not need to purchase a whole one only for touch-ups, and (3) old lamps can be turned into the coop’s lighting.

Dumpster Diving. Just think of it as being back in college and having no furniture for your apartment. An old door may be the walls of your coop, while an old drawer can become nest boxes.

You can buy materials you may upcycle to construct your own chicken coop on the cheap here. What is great in going to recycling centers is at least you have various choice when it comes to materials.

Online. There are lots of people selling their old fences, even barn doors on the internet. What is great about searching online is you can confirm with a lot of sellers in a short amount of time. Just shoot them an email and work out a deal.

I have my upcycled materials. What now?

First, if you have a good deal of materials made of wood, check for termites and other creepy crawlers. Be certain it’s treated first before you begin to construct your own chicken coop.

Second, is to make sure that you have use for everything that you have. It is no good to get things from the recycling centre only to end up in your basement unused.

Last, there is no harm in buying new materials too. By way of example, new hinges, screws, nails, etc., can help to strengthen your own chicken coop. So don’t scrimp too much. Remember that in this coop is what your precious chickens will call home. For more go to¬†Animal Removal Boca Raton

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